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The easiest way to add powerfull video streaming to any website

Native Video Player

Native HTML5 video player works on every device and plays adaptive 720P, 1080P and even 4K video.

Upload any video format

Upload any type of video file. We will transform your video so it plays on every device

Secure streaming

You can monetise your video’s every way you want. We provide the secure streams. 


Easily embed your video in any CMS with HTML capabilities. Or install our WordPress plug-in and mange your videos with a single click.

Ariplay & Chromecast

Airplay and Chromecast video’s directly to your TV. Works on your PC, iOs and Android device.

in depth analytics

Analyse your views and streaming traffic in depth and in realtime. You can even compare trends between videos. 

No programming skills required

You don’t need to know any programming language to start adding video’s to your website.

No adds, no distraction. 

We play your video and your video only. No distractions, no adds, no additional overlays

We believe that everyone should be able to create and share their own video without any hassle. You create the video, we provide the technology.

Unlike other video platforms, we believe it is essential for you to stay in control of your content, your data and your revenue. We provide you with an out-of-the box, end-to-end solution to do just that. We enable you to connect with your users, on your terms, with no restriction. We stream all your content, to any location in the world, on any device.

Everything you need to go to market

Sign up and start streaming video today. Add new videos in a matter seconds and embed them in your website or application. From one central dashboard you can keep track of all your videos. You focus on the content, we take care of everything else.

Powerful features. Flexible pricing.

  • Free
    •  1 GB Video Storage
    •  250 GB Streaming
    •  720p Quality
    •  Airplay & Chromecast
    •  Realtime analytics
  • Pro
    6,95 p.m.*
    •  5 GB Video Storage
    •  Fair use streaming data
    •  1080p Quality
    •  Airplay & Chromecast
    • Realtime analytics
  • Power
    74,95 p.m.*
    •  200 GB Video Storage
    •  Fair use streaming data
    •  4k Quality
    •  Airplay & Chromecast
    •  Realtime analytics
    • Priority Transcoding

* Prices include VAT. Custom plans and pay per use available.

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