Terms and Conditions

NL Digital Terms

Our NL Digital terms and conditions apply to all of our (business) services. However, our video services are also commonly used by foundations, associations and individuals. Therefore, additional rules and regulations apply for your uploaded content.

Isset.video cannot be held responsible for the content of videos on our platform. The user however, withdraws himself from uploading the following content:

  • Sexual explicit content featuring minors and content that exploit minors.
  • Violent or graphic content with the intention to shock.
  • Content that encourages to harm or abuse others based on their race, ethnic identity, origin, religion, gender, age, nationality, sexual preference or gender identity.

Users will only upload their own content or handles authorization for use of copyright with the author. This applies to both imagery as music. Also impersonation without permission is prohibited.

We also advise to backup your (live) streams, we will not remove them, however Isset can not be held responsible if content is deleted by (your) personal mistake.

A copy of our NL Digital terms and conditions can be downloaded here. You can also read our Privacy Policy.