Take video on your WordPress site to the next level!

What is isset.video?

Isset.video is a platform that allows users to upload video content and make it available for people to see. We process (transcode) your video in multiple bitrates so it is friendly for most devices. The videofiles are stored on a secure CDN located in multiple datacenters in the Netherlands. We don’t claim any rights associated with your content.

Who is this for?

Any orginization that has met the limits of the youtubes en vimeo’s of this world. No commercials and no suggestions for other video’s at the and of the video. We don’t have any restrictions on monitization and the content of your video as long as you don’t break any laws. So if you want to put your video content behind a paywall, be our guest.

What does it cost?

The plugin itself is free. For the storing and streaming your video we have a price plan depending on your usage. This ranges between free and 75,- euro a month. please check out our price plan at the bottom of this page.

How do I sign up?

You can create an account right here: https://my.isset.video/register
After installing the plugin you can connect using the button in the plugin.

What dependencies does the isset.video WordPress plugin have?

We decided to use Timber to make our lives as developer a bit more convenient.
Find out more about Timber on their homepage.

Where can I download the latest version of the isset.video WordPress plugin?

You can download the zip here.

Powerful features. Flexible pricing.

Pricing excl. VAT & other operational fees*.

  • Free
    •  1 GB Video Storage
    •  250 GB Streaming
    •  720p Quality
    •  Airplay & Chromecast
    •  Realtime analytics
  • Pro
    6,95 p.m.*
    •  5 GB Video Storage
    •  Fair use streaming data
    •  1080p Quality
    •  Airplay & Chromecast
    • Realtime analytics
  • Power
    74,95 p.m.*
    •  200 GB Video Storage
    •  Fair use streaming data
    •  4k Quality
    •  Airplay & Chromecast
    •  Realtime analytics
    • Priority Transcoding
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