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Video in WordPress made easy

Isset.video is a platform that enables professional video streaming services for everyone. Although it is easy to embed a video in WordPress with the embed code from the my.isset.video webinerface we wanted to make life for WordPress admins even better. Upload, Manage and embed your video content with just a few cliks was our target. The plugin is free to use for everybody.

How to get started

The isset.video wordpress plugin can be installed right from the WordPress plugin directory that you can browse from within the admin panel of your site. The following video illustrates how to go about.

What does it cost?

The WordPress plugin itself is free. You can even start streaming your videos for free. Depending on the number and size of videos and views we have created a fairly simple price plan. You can start today, its free of charge, and if you ever outgrow one of our pricing plans, please contact us.

How do I sign up?

You can create an account right here. Just install the WordPress plugin from the wordpress plugin directory or download the zipfile. Connect the plugin to isset.video by logging in from the plug-in settings page. That is all there is to it.

What dependencies does the isset.video WordPress plugin have?

We decided to use Timber to make our lives as developer a bit more convenient.
Find out more about Timber on their homepage.

Download isset.video WordPress plugin

The isset.video WordPress plugin can be fount in the WordPress plugin direcotry. You can also download the zip here.

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