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Branded Entertainment Benefits

Most companies use partnerships with creatives, artists and professional media companies to craft custom branded entertainment content. These alliances allow companies to publish a truly engaging piece of content. Without them, you’re left to the limited creativity of your in-house team. And, in all honesty, even creatives often find it challenging to create entertaining content for their own brand.

What Are the Different Types of Advertising?


Advertorials are fixed for a month on the timeline between all other editorial video content. The editorial staff writes an advertorial in the look & feel of the service on the basis of a briefing including video & visual material.


Reach a growing audience by showing a billboard. Our display campaigns are designed to show your ad by default when the customer opens the App, putting your message center stage. Billboards are highly customisable.

Branded format

Video has become a dominant force in content marketing. If you’re looking to drive brand awareness and conversion, video advertising is one of the most effective media types for many businesses. We’re here to help you nail it down.

Everyone has a story to share

If you don’t think so you’re likely not asking the right questions. Everyone’s story has an audience who genuinely wants to hear your story. When you’re able to identify what your story is and who wants to hear it you’ll find you have much greater success with your branded entertainment.

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